Brauche ich ein privates Facebook-Profil, um eine Unternehmensseite zu betreuen? | Seokratie

Hi! Today, Seokratie question round access to company pages and whether or not you are allowed Fake Accounts to use You absolutely need to have a private Facebook profile, to serve a company page Because each page is associated with a profile This serves on the one hand, of identification and of course on the other side of the securityIt is somewhere logical that a company cannot exist without any people Basically: way to never Give up your Facebook-Login – why would you do that? You have to so that someone else can’t take care of a company page to give away the Login to your private profile Never ever! Not just does it! But what you should do, is to create instead a second profile or a Fake profileThere are the real names mandatory on Facebook, and that means that the Profile must belong to a real Person – and a Person may also have a profile! Fake Profiles are risky! You risk the revocation of the company page.

Imagine: you have a great company page set up, with super many Fans and then all of a sudden nobody can access it because you have used a Fake profile Not just does it! You can separate Professional and Private, although of course you need a private Facebook profile, to serve a company page But there is the Business Manager of Facebook, that is a separate ToolSo that you can one or multiple Facebook pages and ad accounts supportThat is to say: you don’t have to call up your private profile, to serve a company page – which is no excuse! That is to say, it really is possible your Private and Professional lives separateWhat you should do also, is the company’s notifications in the private profile turn offIf your installed of course then the ads Manager App and the page Manager App on your Smartphone: that’s bad luck! Then you can disconnect it so good – but: theoretically, it is possible! These were the questions for today, and if you have questions regarding access to company pages, or writes to, any other Online Marketing topic, then feel free to comment.

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